Linux Luminarium

Welcome to the Linux Luminarium! This dojo will gently teach you how to use the Linux command line interface, and incept some core Linux concepts along the way. This is far from the only resource like this on the internet, and we will strive to link to others where appropriate.

We do our best to avoid requiring any knowledge of Linux, but we do expect you to have learned how to use the dojo infrastructure itself.

NOTE: This dojo is a work in progress and a community effort! If you are interested in contributing, please make your way over to github! If you have questions, comments, feedback, and so on, join us on the Discord channel.

NOTE: The Linux Luminarium is very introductory. If you are already comfortable in Linux, feel free to skip it!

NOTE: This dojo is NOT meant to be tricky! Sometimes, upgrades and architectural challenges in the platform itself might break some challenges. If a challenge is being weird, please let us know on the discord channel!

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