Hello Hackers

Linux Luminarium

This module will teach you the VERY basics of interacting with the command line! The command line lets you execute commands. When you launch a terminal, it will execute a command line "shell", which will look like this:


This is called the "prompt", and it's prompting you to enter a command. Let's take a look at what's going on here:

Anyways, the prompt awaits your command. Move on to the first challenge to learn how to actually execute commands!


In this challenge, you will invoke your first command! When you type a command and hit enter, the command will be invoked, as so:

hacker@dojo:~$ whoami

Here, the user executed the whoami command, which simply prints the username (hacker) to the terminal. When the command terminates, the shell once again displays the prompt, ready for the next command.

In this level, invoke the hello command to get the flag! Keep in mind: commands in Linux are case sensitive: hello is different from HELLO.

Let's try something more complicated: a command with arguments. When you type a line of text and hit enter, the shell actually parses your input into a command and its arguments. The first word is the command, and the subsequent words are arguments. Observe:

hacker@dojo:~$ echo Hello

In this case, the command was echo, and the argument was Hello. echo is a simple command that "echoes" all of its arguments back out onto the terminal, like you see in the session above.

Let's look at echo with multiple arguments:

hacker@dojo:~$ echo Hello Hackers!
Hello Hackers!

In this case, the command was echo, and Hello and Hackers! were the two arguments to echo. Simple!

In this challenge, to get the flag, you must run the hello command (NOT the echo command) with a single argument of hackers. Try it now!


This scoreboard reflects solves for challenges in this module after the module launched in this dojo.

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