Getting Started

Welcome to the Dojo! This dojo is designed to give you a crash course in the use of this platform, and set you up to for future success.

The core of your experience will be the capture of flags. Flags are data tokens that you can redeem for points. How do you get these flags? Solve challenges!

Each dojo is split into one or more modules. Each module, in turn, has several challenge. Each challenge gives you a flag. This dojo contains the first few challenges that you'll tackle, and they'll teach you to use the dojo environment!

Because flags are countable, dojos and modules maintain a leaderboard of top hackers! Check it out down at the bottom of the page for this whole dojo.

When you're ready to Enter the Dojo, click/tap on Using the Dojo below, in the module list!

The yang to the dojo's yin is our Discord server. Learn more and connect up by heading over to Joining the Discord in the module list below!

Once you've learned to Use the Dojo and have Joined the Discord, you may move on to the main material.

Good luck on your cybersecurity journey!


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