Getting Started — Learn the Basics!

The material on is split into a number of "dojos", with each dojo typically covering a high-level topic. These first few dojos are designed to help you Get Started with the platform. Start here before venturing onwards!

Core Material — Earn Your Belts!

These dojos form the official curriculum, taking you on a curated journey through the art of hacking. As you progress and build your skills, like in a martial art, you will earn belts for completing dojo after dojo.

Community Material — Earn Badges!

No matter how much material we create, there is always more to learn! This section contains additional dojos created by the community. Some are designed to be tackled after you complete the dojos above, whereas others are open to anyone interested in more specialized topics.

The Courses — Earning Credit

We leverage the above material to run a number of courses on this platform. For the most part, these courses import the above material, though some might introduce new concepts and challenges.