Software Exploitation

Hackers are the wizards of the digital age. By now, you are a hacker yourself, but there is still room for your skills to grow. Have you mastered the truly occult? The deep, secret knowledge passed down from generation to secretive generation? The power to truly take control of complex software with cutting-edge security mitigations, and bend it to your will... Push on, now, into the depths of security, and use this dojo to fill your stores of the arcane knowledge that will power your digital sorcery.


Hacking Now: 5
Hackers: -
Challenges: 173
Solves: -
Awardees: 110
Earliest Awardees: frqmod · r00t · /etc/shadow⚡️ (Danial Yunus) · X3eRo0 · nullptr
Latest Awardees: MrDan · wind1900 · navalux · Mohamed Sayed (flex) · Fahad



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