Abusing Variable Expansion, Globbing, and the Like

The Art of the Shell

The shell is as mysterious as it is powerful. As a first stop in our journey, we will explore concepts of variable expansion, the pitfalls around quoting (and lack thereof!), and the raw power of globbing. Stay strong, and follow the PATH.

Lectures and Reading

To expand your mind is the true goal of the shell. Reading the knowledge linked here will help your mind grow.


In the way of the unquoted, freedom is found, though often accompanied by unexpected guests.

True power is not in controlling every star, but in the harmony of the glob, where all stars align

To see all, one must expand their vision as the shell expands its variables.

The wildcard is a tempest, unrestrained. Master its path, and you master the storm.

Like a ninja in the night, the comparison sneaks in. Guide its path, and the flag will be found.

Environment variables hold an enigma. Unravel it, and command the shell's surroundings.

Take a voyage in the world of variable variables, whose values are as fluid as water.

Observe the dance of the delimiters, a ballet of separation and unity in the script's grand performance.

Beyond the dance, there lies the symphony. Here, the delimiters rise and fall in a grand composition, where the maestro must conduct each pause and crescendo with unerring precision.

There are those who, faced with expression, will try to purge its glory. But even in the face of sanitization, suprises await.

In every test, there is room for a twist. Find a way to bring it to life, and the flag will be within your grasp.

In the deceptive dance of the shell, nothing is as it seems. Master the art of illusion, and the path to truth will unveil itself.

In the journey of the PATH, each step uncovers new commands, new potentials.

The shell holds many secrets, waiting for those patient and brave enough to uncover them.

This is where the arcane becomes algorithm, and every keystroke is a spell invoking the power of the command line.

The condition guards the flag. Command it to be gone.

When you cannot find the good within the array, all hope may be lost. At the right time, a whispered word can sway the balance.


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