Hunter Dojo

It currently hosts few of the old babyauto challenges that were previously part of the curriculum. Full credits to the team that created these challenges.

Lectures and Reading

This dojo requires you writes scripts that automatically trigger a crash to get the flag, as doing in manually is time-consuming and just crazy. So please look into tools which revolves arounds the concepts of :-

  1. Fuzzing :- AFL++, etc
  2. Symbolic Execution :- angr (Yan definetly didn't force me to add it xD), etc
    , etc etc.

Few levels requires a deeper understanding of YAN85, so incase you are not familiar with it, I highly suggest you to first complete the Reverse Engineering module before starting this.


old babyauto module level1. Eh, but it looks like the path to the crash programs never change?

I learned from my previous mistakes, having the same crash programs for different executions is too simple. Let's see how well you fare when they are randomized.

old babyauto module level8. Were you an true Yan-head? then automating this should be simple.

old babyauto module level8. Were you an true Yan-head? Do you think you can handle stripped binaries? then automating this should be simple. An intentional bug is part of this challenge, think you can figure it out?


This scoreboard reflects solves for challenges in this module after the module launched in this dojo.

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