Intercepting Communication

CSE 365 - Spring 2024

Learn various techniques to intercept and manipulate network communication, from connecting to remote hosts to performing man-in-the-middle attacks.

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10/11/23 Intercepting Communication Pt. 1":

10/16/23 Intercepting Communication Pt. 2":

10/18/23 Intercepting Communication Pt. 3":

10/18/23 Intercepting Communication Pt. 4":

The excellent kanak (creator of has recorded lectures and slides from prior CSE 365 that might be useful:

Intercepting Communication: Introduction

Intercepting Communication: Ethernet

Intercepting Communication: Internet Protocol

Intercepting Communication: Transmission Control Protocol

Intercepting Communication: Address Resolution Protocol


Connect to a remote host

Listen for a connection from a remote host

Find and connect to a remote host

Find and connect to a remote host on a large network

Monitor traffic from a remote host

Monitor slow traffic from a remote host

Hijack traffic from a remote host by configuring your network interface

Manually send an Ethernet packet

Manually send an Internet Protocol packet

Manually send a Transmission Control Protocol packet

Manually perform a Transmission Control Protocol handshake

Manually send an Address Resolution Protocol packet

Hijack traffic from a remote host using ARP

Man-in-the-middle traffic between two remote hosts and inject extra traffic


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