Assembly Crash Course

CSE 365 - Fall 2023

Lectures and Reading

Recorded Lectures:

8/30/23 "Assembly Basics Pt. 1":

Slides from this lecture:

9/6/23 "Assembly Basics Pt. 2":

Slides from this lecture:

9/11/23 "Assembly Basics Pt. 3":

Slides from this lecture:

The excellent Zardus (creator of has recorded lectures (using the same slides) that might be useful:

Assembly Crash Course: Computer Architecture

Assembly Crash Course: Assembly

Assembly Crash Course: Data

Assembly Crash Course: Registers

Assembly Crash Course: Memory

Assembly Crash Course: Control Flow

Assembly Crash Course: System Calls

Assembly Crash Course: Building Programs


Set a register





Register sizes for modulus

Bitwise shift

Bitwise and

Bitwise logic

Memory reads and writes

Read multiple data sizes

Dynamic address memory writes

Consecutive memory reads

The stack

Swap register values with the stack

Memory reads and writes with the stack

Control flow

Conditional branches

Jump tables

Computing averages

Implementing strlen

Using library functions

Compute the most common byte


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